How to Order our Works

At first

You can order items display as "Can be Ordered" in Products page.
Ark of East ships items WorldWide via EMS/AIRMAIL/SAL.
If you want to order items, Please contact us via mail from Contact.

And, If you are in Japan, You may get Ark of East items from our official web-store on BOOTH, or Distributor(Dojin-Shop) as below.

Details of Ordering

Please check before you contact us.

How to Order
About Outline of Order flow.

Standard size decals and other items.

Special order decals.
If you want to change size, color and design ... etc, please check here.

Payment / Shipping
About Available payment and shipping method.


Except in stock case, We manufacture decals after you ordered (build-to-order).
All of Our decals Made in Japan, and we manufacture from 1 sheet.
But sometimes, in case of out of stock materials, Manufacturing takes 1 or 2 weeks.

In stock (Standard size) order, We will ship items 2 - 5 days from payment.
Out of stock or Special Order, We will ship items 2 days - 2 weeks from payment.

How to Order

Please e-mail us with Contact page's address.
When you e-mail, please write [Design name, size, color].
If you want, you can change [size, color, design(ex.reversal,etc...)].

After receiving your e-mail, we reply you with prices of them (estimation).
After check prices, please consider order or cancel.
Stage of Price estimation, you can change / cancel order freely.
Please contact us without constraint!

You decided order, you need to pay before shipping.
After We confirm your payment, We manufacture decals and ship them.

Standard size decals and other items.

If you want to order standard size decals or items(keychains, neckstraps),
Please select from Products variation.

Their price are the same as Distributors' in usual.

Special order decals.

If you want to change color, size and designs, Please e-mail us with details you want.

About color change

You can change color from lists as below.
[Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Gray, Yellow-Green, Green, Light-Blue, Brown and Pink]

In case of color change, you need additional charges.

*You can change color to [Black/White] without charges.

About size change

About size change limit, You can choose up to 360mm in shorter side of length or width. (ex.)
36cm * 19cm -> OK
200cm * 36cm -> OK
50cm * 50cm -> NG

Minimum size changes with the machine's compatibility so Please ask us.
Too small size are difficult to manufacture.

In case of size change order, Please assign us "Length size" or "Width size".
We calculate total size.

About design change

We work with flip horizontal (reflect) changes.
In Other case, We change letter position, and etc.
But big design changes broken total style. So We do NOT Recommend big change.

Payment / Shipping

Ark of East accepts payment and shipping method as follows.

Payment method

From World wide -> Paypal
From inside Japan -> bank transfer


To WorldWide
1. EMS (Fast, Safe, but little expensive) : About 10-30 USD from Japan to Worldwide.
2. Registered Airmail (Cheap, but take longer time than EMS) : About 5-15 USD from Japan to Worldwide.

* Shipping cost is approximate price. It may be changed where you receive package. Please ask us for rate.

To Japan
1. Teikeigai-Yubin(Cheap, but take longer time and NON-Registered) : 120 JPY
2. Letter-Pack-Lite(Cheap, Fast, but NON-Registered) : 360 JPY
3. Letter-Pack-Plus(Very Fast, little cheap, but NON-Registered) : 510 JPY

4. Kuroneko-Takkyu-bin(Very Fast and Registered but little Expensive.) : 800-1200 JPY

*All of shipping cost includes packing charge.

*Due to size or number of items you ordered, shipping cost may be changed.
Some of shipping method con not be selected too much size or number of items.