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Relative Circle

Original Creator Circle of Touhou Project.
Ark of East's touhou design works are derivative work
from Team Shanghai Alice's Touhou Project.

Shimotsuki Myon's friend, Kasu's circle.
He wrote Touhou novel. but unfortunately, He stopped activity lately.

Shimotsuki Myon's friend, dono's circle.
He writes Touhou novel. Sometimes, you can see his novel books in Ark of East's space as entrust.

Shimotsuki Myon's friend, Yapan's circle.
He releases Touhou Metal Music.


Akibaoo-koku(あきばお~こく) deals with many of Ark of East Works.
They have many stores in Akihabara.
They can NOT ship overseas (Japan only).

Melonbooks(メロンブックス) deals with some of Ark of East Works.
They have many stores all over Japan.

Toranoana(とらのあな) deals with part of Ark of East stickers.
*** Unfortunately, They do not have any stocks of our works at present.